“I don’t consider myself a brilliant musician. I just love to perform…Give me a stage and I’m all over it.”

Considered to have an eclectic mix of the music spectrum in her repertoire, Sue “brings it” to
each performance blending creativity, musicianship, participation, humour and connection to her

Hailing from Eastern Ontario, Sue’s performing experience originates from years of entertaining
at coffeehouses, festivals, touring and the bar circuit. With her distinctive voice and iconic music,
she enchants her audience, delivering tunes with passion and soul.

Sue continues to “thrive on playing live” through her solo, duo (Dirty Little Alibi) and band, (Dirty
Alibi) platforms. She is currently collaborating with seasoned musicians, hoping to develop a new project, and to produce original material in the near future.

“Whether emphatically rocking, or tender and sensitive, Sue’s unique and powerful voice coupled with driving rhythm guitar captivates audiences with each performance, leaving them with a lasting impression.”
The Late Great Ian McLean

“Funny, entertaining, a one- person phenom on stage. You will love her show.”
Bruce Wylie – 104.9 JR FM

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